Round brown and purple watercolour ink image with the words 'Yellow Toronto Brick, Lamp Black, Avocado' by The Toronto Ink Company, 2015.


Galit Ariel is a Toronto-based artist and critical thinker exploring technosocial concepts of culture, technology, and humans 'being' in the world.

Counter/space offers embodied interaction that leverages on resistance through stillness versus acceleration, contemplation versus compliance. Through the installation, the artist invites participants to reflect on the affect and impact of exploitative capitalist culture - where we are compelled to occupy and accumulate spaces to validate our existence.

The location-based Augmented Reality experience forms an immersive counter-space to current techno-social ideologies of exploitation marketed as 'progress'. The installation is in, and around, physical/ideological institutions that indoctrinated the commodification of nature, culture and human bodies. The experience enables participants to re-experience the space and the existing narrative. As it is only their body’s stillness that spawns mycorrhizal networks and a contextualizing narrative, that repossess the socio-cultural space and our understanding of it.

Galit Ariel