A watercolour abstract shape in blue and brown with the text 'let's get physical, 2020'

Tender Circuits

a community experiment

We invited artists to participate in immersive training on AR app development, in seminars with artists who each engage with site-specific interventions in their artistic practices and to examine the potential of mutually supportive exchanges between specific physical locations through the digital realm.

mushroom is a verb

Using the concept of fungal intelligence as a springboard, our artists were asked to consider the nature of the connections that encircle and extend a mycelial system and to investigate the possibility of applying fungal characteristics to human and more-than-human community building at the intersection of digital and physical spaces.

fruiting bodies

Galit Ariel, Pixie Cram, Erin Konsmo, Helen Lam, Kel MacDonald, Seth Thomson, Roberto Santaguida, Lauren Schaffer, Richard Moszka, and Vasuki Shanmuganathan.